Proxy Scripts

Choosing The Right Proxy Script

When it comes to setting up your own proxy there are lots of various scripts you can use. From quite a bit of research on proxies and their scripts, I can tell you that there are some that you must pay for and then others that are completely free, which you decide to use it your own personal choice.

There are two main free scripts used when building a proxy site and they are displayed below but even though these scripts are used to create proxy sites it is important to note that both are great in their own way and people use them with equal ease depending upon their needs and knowledge. However, there are a few basic differences between the PHP Proxy and the CGI Proxy scripts, which I will explain briefly here:

1. CGI Proxy

CGI is considered to be faster than PHP proxy. CGI uses a lot more server resources causing more CPU stress but requires a lot less bandwidth.

2. PHP Proxy

PHP Proxy is easier to install as all it requires is a simple unpack and upload. PHP Proxy uses low server resource reducing strain on the CPU but requires a lot more bandwidth

3. Both

Both scripts allow for; Tailoring so stress on the server can be played around with. Multiple domain name use. Text so that description and ads can be placed on the website.