Proxy Web Hosts

Where Do I Host My Proxy?

Most people who already own a proxy will tell you that finding a reliable proxy host is that hardest thing to do with starting up proxy sites. To hit the nail on the head, if you are serious about starting up proxy sites, my advice is too buy VPS or a dedicated server. Yes, they may happen to set you back a few dollars a month but once things are up and running it will be well worth it as using a shared hosting plan will hurt your proxy due to it most likely being removed from the server because of CPU stress and bandwidth use.

A point that most successful proxy builders will tell you to take note of is not to use what you think maybe a great offer for just 2$. Companies proving such a service are well known to die within a month or two and site up time is never know to be 99.9%. Regarding finding a place to finally buy a VPS or dedicated server it is mainly down to personal preference, most companies seem to offer an average deal but it is always best to snoop round for a while before you decide on your final choice.