Making Money With Proxies

Making Money

Realistically this is what we are all reading this for! Regarding monetizing a proxy there are many different approaches you can take.

Google Adsense

Seen as one of the most reliable advertising networks, Google Adsense is the primary choice of advertising for many publishers. Adsense can be placed on your homepage, and possibly subpages, but you are prohibited from placing it on proxied pages. Google Adsense does not want itself or its advertisers possibly being mistaken as endorsing any content your visitors might browse to with your proxy.

Yahoo Publisher

A relative newcomer to the advertising market, Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) is similiar to Google Adsense in many ways. There are however some stark differences in what they find acceptable and at the time of writing they are only accepting U.S. publishers into their program. I wouldn’t use YPN for proxy websites because they have been known to ban publishers with non-U.S. and low converting traffic - something that is applicable to most web proxies.


Adbrite is an excellent tool for filling up ad space on your proxfied pages, I have personally asked an Adbrite representative whether it is acceptable and they said that Adbrite may be used in this way. In my experience you can expect a modest profit.

Although the eCPM may be low, compared to other methods it can bring in a nice secondary revenue source. It may be useful to change the ad colors although that time could be better spent.


Adversal is a widely used advertising network that provides pop-ups and pop-unders to visitors. This type of advertising is however very unpopular with visitors, I tested it for a couple days out of a month on my more established proxy websites - any longer and I would probably start losing visitors. Typically your visitors dont want to be pestered by popups, I personally dont like unexpected windows opening. You have to weigh up the cost of inconvenience versus the normally low profit.

Ad Placement – credit to (DigitalPoint Forums Member- immortality) The typical placement of ads is two boxes above the URL bar and a 728×90 banner ad underneath. The best that researchers have found was a 468×60 banner above the URL bar and a box between the proxy options and the go button. I have also tried this setup without the banner above the URL box and my clicks went down by no more than 5 out of 200 so if you want user satisfaction take the 468×60 banner ad away.