Proxy Guide

What Is A Proxy?

As this is a guide for beginners I will start with a short explanation of what proxies actually are or the rest of this website will not make any sense to you at all.

One reason a proxy is used is to access web pages annonymously by covering up and hiding your ip address, it is a website/server you can visit and browse the rest of the web within a frame as such and everything you see is actually received by the proxy first and then to your machine, the only place your ip would be visible is on the proxy server you are using at the time.

The most popular reason for proxies is to access websites that would otherwise be unaccessable in the workplace, school or any other network that restrict what websites you are allowed to browse, most of these networks tend to block gaming sites, pages with adult content and/or any other non-related content to whatever that network is intended to be used for.